Poptropica Creators

Comic Kid or Ned Noodlehead

Real Name: Jeff Kinney  

Job: Founder

Where They Live: Massachusets

Username: unknown

Contact: wimpykid@comcast.net

Island They Appear In: Super Power Island

Dr. Hare

Real Name: Jordan Leary

Job: Designer and Developer 

Where They Live: Utah

Username: jordanleary

Contact: jordan.leary@pearsoned.com or jordan@jordanleary.com

Poptropican's Name: Dr. Hare

Island They Appear In: 24 Carrot Island

Hazmat Hermit

Real Name: Justin Lacy

Job: Poptropica Creator

Username: justinlacy

Contact: Unknown 

Poptropican's Name: Hazmat Hermit

Island They Appear In: Super Power Island

Shark Boy

Real name: Nate Greenwall

Job: Illustrator, Graphic Artist and Interactive Designer

Username: sharkboycreator

Contact: Send Nate a message through the “Contact” link on his website.

Poptropican's Name: Shark Boy

Island They Appear In: Shark Tooth Island

Fact Monster

Real name: Jess M. Brallier

Job: Developer of Poptropica

Username: fmonster

Contact: Unknown

Poptropican's Name: Undefined Undefined

Island They Appear In: None

Director D

Real Name: James Lema

Job: Director of Product Development

Contact: Unknown

Poptropican's Name: Director D

Island They Appear In: Spy Island

Black Widow

Real Name: Jennifer Wood

Job: Managing Editor

Contact: Unknown

Poptropican's Name: Black Widow

Island They Appear In: Counterfeit Island


Real Name: Mitch Krpata

Job: Editor

Username: hadescreator1

Contact: mitchell.krpata@pearson.com

Poptropican's Name: Hades

Island They Appear In: Mythology Island

Master Mime

Real Name: Jon Pitcher

Job: Game Designer illustrator/animator 

Username: Unknown

Contact: LinkedIn

Island They Appear In: Counterfeit Island


Real Name: Tracey West

Job: Writer of Mythology Island script and writer of The Official Guide to Poptropica

Username: None

Contact: Unknown

Little is known about the following creators.

Binary Bard

Username: binarybard

Thirsty Whale


Username: tritoncreator

Vlad The Viking

Job: Editor of the old Poptropica Creators' You Tube Channel (not edited any more)

Captain Crawfish


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